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Wolferts Roost Country Club
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Club History

The Name
The name "Wolferts Roost" was given to the estate formerly on these grounds by the late Governor of New York David B. Hill when he acquired the property in 1892. The unusually designed home reminded him of the home of a favorite literary character named Wolfert Acker from the works of Washington Irving. 

The Story 
As the story goes, Wolfert Acker was a troubled Dutchman who was driven abroad by family feuds and wrangling neighbors. Wolfert retired to a mansion with a cockloft look and the bitter determination to live out the remainder of his days in peace and quiet — away from his nagging wife. In a token of that fixed purpose, he had inscribed over his door his favorite Dutch motto “Genoegen en Stil” — Pleasure in Quiet. Today this motto is part of the Club’s crest.

The Organization
Wolferts Roost as an incorporated social organization had its origin in 1886 as the Albany Press Club. In 1914, after having changed its name to the City Club of Albany, the members of the Club showed an interest in the Governor Hill property known as Wolferts Roost. The formal opening of Wolferts Roost Country Club was held on September 11, 1915. Mr. Winslow M. Mead, Club President, presided over the opening day ceremonies, which started with a golf exhibition followed by a member competition in the afternoon. In the evening, dinner was served in the main dining room after which the membership enjoyed a concert. 

The Legacy
The quiet enjoyment of friends sharing a common interest had its beginnings at Wolferts Roost in the late 1800's. Over the years, the Officers, Board of Governors, Membership, and Staff have committed themselves to maintaining this heritage and in the process have made our Country Club one of the finest in the Northeast.