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Welcome to the Roost

At Wolferts Roost Country Club, members become friends for a lifetime and families share experiences that are cherished for generations. Our commitment to creating a lasting impression is the reason we have earned the distinction for being one of the best country clubs in Upstate New York. Rooted in over 100 years of storied tradition, a fun-loving, casual lifestyle is the essence of our culture, and families are at the heart of what we do best. For our members, the Roost is their home away from home, a place to connect, relax, and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Wolferts Roost Country Club membership has demonstrated, throughout the years, contemporary social attitudes that have enhanced the tradition of the Club since 1915. The Club maintains a very strong family focus as evidenced by a wide variety of junior and family activities. The pricing of membership fees and dues, and ancillary services reflect a commitment to value. The Club has no minimum spending  requirements as our members have found our quality and value to be unsurpassed in the Capital District.

Wolferts Roost is accepting membership applications for immediate consideration and action. Simply print an application using the link below, or contact the Club to receive a membership packet. If you have any questions concerning types of membership, or need assistance completing your application, please contact Sydney Kane by phone at (518) 449.3223 or email at

We are excited about the opportunity to accompany interested parties on a facility tour. Please call to schedule a time that is convenient for you.